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Drool of Rock Childcare Center & Kids Music Venue — Welcome

We're proud to introduce you and your family to an incredible and unforgettable music-filled learning experience for pre-school aged children like nothing you've ever seen before.

During the week, we are a learning center for 2-5 year old children, with a curriculum that stresses the power of music in education. On the weekends, we become a unique and incredible all-ages kids music venue featuring live performances by family-friendly musicians from all over Baltimore and surrounding areas.

It has been repeatedly shown in studies that children who are exposed to music at a young age produce higher SAT scores, possess higher reasoning and motor skills, benefit cognitively and have higher achievement in mathematics and language. At Drool of Rock, not only do we value the importance of providing a pre-school curriculum that prepares each child for kindergarten, but we believe it's necessary to infuse it with daily music education to provide children with the best tools for their future and one rockin' experience along the way.

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